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August 19, 2021, Hangzhou C&K Testing Technic Co.,Ltd issued the REACH Certificate of Compliance to our company.This is the 11th consecutive year that our company has passed the REACH test. January 19, 2021, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) officially announced the 24th batch of two SVHC items, and the total number of substances in the SVHC list has reached 211 items. Since our company started production this year, the testing company has made a series of comments on our company’s sheepskin used to produce gloves, hats,rugs and shoes. After repeated random sampling tests, they all meet The requirements of The List of these 211 SVHCs and Possible Applications, which indicates that our company always adheres to The principle of quality first, which has not changed since The establishment of our company, and will continue to do so in The future!



Post time: Sep-18-2021